A Comprehensive Guide to All Sex Toys (Yes, Even the Vajankle)

Surprisingly, experts studying the deep water have more knowledge about the Mariana Trench than they do about sex toys. We are compelled to conclude as much when we see the Vajankle, the Shrek butt plug, and all those tentacle dildos on Etsy, at least. We consider ourselves to be explorers of some [hoists sail] physical depths and horny holes, even if we may not be able to speak for the NOAA. We dedicate most of our days to sorting through the 3,000 results on Amazon alone that appear when you search for “sex toy,” and answering all of your sex-related questions. We also help you, our dear readers, distinguish between a bullet and a lipstick vibrator, as well as direct-contact and “sonic”-stimulation clitoral toys.

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To use a penis sleeve or a penis pump? When it comes to knowing not just how sex toys operate but also which ones will work for you, that is one question—among many. It always comes down to a combination of self-discovery, practical knowledge, and a helping hand (or foot). Pre-Pornhub and pre-internet sex toys were a major influence on the development of today’s swish vibrators. By compiling a well-lubricated list of the greatest of the best, you may improve both as a sex toy user and as a sexual historian (don’t say that in front of your Hinge date, please).

Perhaps you’re curious as to why Lovehoney features a section titled “Love Eggs and Jiggle Balls,” or perhaps you’ve never used a sex toy at all. Maybe you want to finally grasp why in the world they name it a “rabbit” vibrator, or maybe you just want to add something a little kinkier than your typical bullet vibrator to your spank-sesh drawer. Consider this brief list to be your own hot companion to navigating the numerous varieties of sex toys available, from zapping paddles to anal beads.

We will begin with some of the most recognizable sex toys available and work our way down to some of the less well-known options. Get aboard, get in, and let’s ride.


The dildo, ah. You’ve definitely seen a lifelike “jelly” silicone dildo like this one at some time in your life, making it one of the most iconic sex toys ever. Dildos, one of the more classic toys, are simple penetrating toys that can be made of many materials, including silicone, metal, and glass, as in the case of Unbound Babes’ best-selling double-duty dildo Gem. They almost always have a somewhat phallic or elongated shape. Gem may be used for anal and vaginal penetration, much like the majority of dildos. Just remember to keep your sex toys ready and clean in general, and to clean your device before and after usage in any hole.

Vibrator Bullet

Because they are reasonably priced and about the size of their namesake, bullet vibrators are a well-liked first sex toy and a covert travel companion. Bullet vibes provide direct stimulation to the clitoris or anyplace else on the body that provides you or your partner(s) pleasure. They may be used during foreplay on the nipples and around (but NEVER in) the anus—you don’t want to make an embarrassing trip to the ER when you lose one up there. Many bullet vibrators require batteries, so look for ones that can be fully recharged, like the Zee by Dame.

Vibrator Wand

For those who prefer direct clitoral touch, a wand vibrator—which typically consists of a long handle with a buzzing, bulbous tip—is one of the greatest first-time sex toys. Despite its obvious ability to double as a sex toy and its widespread popularity in the 1970s due to its marketing as a general body massager, the Magic Wand (formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand) is the most iconic wand vibrator and an embarrassing buy. The Magic Wand walked so that Dame’s “Com” wand could run, paving the way for a plethora of modern-day sex toys. This is the toy for you if you’d want a sex toy that can also legitimately be used to massage your back or other regions of your body; however, those with more sensitive clits may wish to avoid clitoral suction devices.