Joe Mantegna Net Worth – 2022

Joe Mantegna

Net Worth $25 Million
Height Male
Profession 5 ft 10 in (1.803 m)
Gender Nov 13, 1947 (74 years old)
Date of Birth $130 Thousand Per Episode
Nationality Actor, Film Producer, Television producer, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, Television Director

Joe Mantegna Net Worth:

$25 Million

Joe Mantegna’s Salary

$130 Thousand Per Episode

What is Joe Mantegna’s Salary and Net Worth?

Joe Mantegna has a net worth of $25 million as an American actor, producer, writer, director, and voice actor. Joe began his career on stage, starring in musicals such as “Hair” and working with acclaimed playwright David Mamet on “Glengarry Glen Ross.” The latter piece garnered Mantegna a Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize. Over the years, Joe collaborated with Mamet on plays such as “A Life in the Theatre,” “The Disappearance of the Jews,” and “Speed-the-Plow.” Eventually, he directed a Los Angeles production of Mamet’s play “Lakeboat.” In 2000, when “Lakeboat” was released in theaters, Mantegna acted as director once again. Joe has appeared in several of Mamet’s films throughout the years, including “House of Games,” “Things Change,” “Homicide,” and “Redbelt.”

In addition to his work with Mamet, Joe has appeared in a number of other projects. He has appeared in several notable cinema pictures, including “Three Amigos,” “The Godfather: Part III,” and “Up Close and Personal.” Joe has also reached notable heights in the realm of television, having appeared in series such as “First Monday” and “Joan of Arcadia” and miniseries such as “The Last Don,” “The Rat Pack,” and “The Starter Wife.” In addition, he is well-known for portraying FBI Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi in the famous series “Criminal Minds,” which concluded in 2020. Mantegna is a well-known voice actor who portrays Fat Tony on “The Simpsons” in addition to his on-screen duties.

Early Years

Joseph Anthony Mantegna was born in Chicago, Illinois on November 13, 1947. Joe, who was raised in a Catholic, Italian home, graduated in 1969 from the Goodman School of Drama at the Art Institute of Chicago. He played bass guitar in a variety of bands during his youth. By taking headshots of performers, he finally became acquainted with the film business.


Mantegna made his debut as an actor in the Chicago version of “Hair” in 1969. Then, in 1978, he made his Broadway debut with “Working.” During this time, he wrote a number of plays and debuted in a few tiny cinema parts. After playing Richard Roma in “Glengarry Glen Ross,” which marked the beginning of his lengthy collaboration with David Mamet, he had his big break.

During the 1980s, he starred in several plays, including “Compromising Positions,” “Weeds,” “The Money Pit,” and “Suspect,” as well as an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” “House of Games” and “Things Change,” both written by Mamet and released in 1987, are two of his most highly appreciated films from this time.

In the 1990s, Mantegna appeared in a variety of parts, demonstrating his amazing versatility. From comedic parts to villains and mobsters, Joe appeared capable of anything. Joe’s portrayal of Joey Zasa, a vicious Italian gangster, in “The Godfather III” marked a significant advancement. During this time, he also acted in another Mamet film titled “Homicide.” Joe began voicing Fat Tony in “The Simpsons” at this time, infamously insisting on doing so regardless of the character’s little lines. He is also well-known for his voice acting in series such as “Kim Possible.”

Mantegna is perhaps most known to modern audiences for his portrayal as David Rossi on “Criminal Minds.” He had a significant role in the series from its beginning in 2007 until its conclusion in 2020. Additionally, Joe appeared as a special guest in “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” Mantegna presented “Gun Stories” at this time, having been a weapons aficionado for some years. He appears on an episode of “Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars” in 2017. Mantegna acted in films such as “Kill Me, Deadly” and “The Bronx Bull” in 2015 and 2016.

Joe Mantegna Salary

Joe Mantegna earned a substantial wage for his role on “Criminal Minds,” at one time commanding a staggering $130,000 per episode. With around 24 episodes every season, this translated to approximately $3 million per season.

Real Estate

Joe acquired a home in the Los Angeles area of Toluca Lake for $1,580,000 in 1991. The residence was constructed only two years prior, in 1987, so it was practically brand new when Mantegna moved there. He and his wife Arlene stayed at the residence for the following 30 years until declaring their intention to relocate in 2020. At this time, the property was advertised for $4,2 million. The four-bedroom Tudor-style property has been characterized as a “private estate.” There are wide rooms, ample space, abundant light, an office, and a swimming pool.

Joe and his wife acquired a second house in Hollywood Hills two years prior to placing this one on the market. In 2018, after spending $1,3 million on the home, Mantegna became the pleased owner of a Spanish bungalow. The mansion was initially built in 1926 and has a lengthy history. Reportedly, celebrities such as Rick Baker, Jack Warner, Kathryn Leigh Scott, and even a Playboy Bunny previously resided there.

The home has a 1,700-square-foot living area, two bedrooms, and a 16-foot exposed wood ceiling. A corner fireplace, a private patio, and a spacious balcony overlooking the backyard are additional amenities. Prior to this acquisition, Mantegna purchased a seaside home in Oxnard, California for $4.9 million two years earlier.

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