Lorraine Bracco Net Worth – 2022

Lorraine Bracco

Net Worth $14 Million
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.702 m)
Profession Actor, Model, Television producer, Film director
Gender Female
Date of Birth Oct 2, 1954 (67 years old)
Nationality United States of America

Lorraine Bracco Net Worth:

$14 Million

How much is Lorraine Bracco Net worth?

Lorraine Bracco is an American actress with a $14 million net worth. She has been featured in a broad variety of film and television projects throughout the course of her career, but she is arguably most recognized for her iconic performance in “The Sopranos.” She began her career as a model prior to transitioning to acting. In the 1980s, she made her debut in Italian-language films, notably “Camorra.” In the 1980s, Lorraine began to act in films such as “The Pick-Up Artist” and “The Dream Team” after switching to English-speaking roles.

Her genuine Hollywood breakthrough occurred in 1990 when Martin Scorsese’s film was released. She was nominated for multiple accolades, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, for her portrayal as the wife of an Italian gangster in this acclaimed film. She has also been nominated for four Emmys, three Golden Globes, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards during the course of her career.

In 1999, she joined the cast of “The Sopranos,” which is now widely regarded as the greatest television series in history. She portrayed psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi in the series until its 2007 conclusion. Lorraine garnered several distinctions and acclaim for her appearances in the television series. Bracco has continued to participate in several projects since the conclusion of “The Sopranos,” most notably the television series “Blue Bloods.”

Initial Years

Lorraine Bracco was born in New York City on October 2, 1954. Born with two brothers in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, Bracco was raised in an Italian home and spoke Italian from an early age. Although she was born in Brooklyn, she began fourth grade in Hicksville, New York on Long Island. Elizabeth, sister of Lorraine, also became an actress, and the sisters eventually co-starred in “The Sopranos.”

Bracco came to France in the mid-1970s, two years after graduating from high school, to seek a modeling career. She remained in France for the following decade and collaborated extensively with Jean-Paul Gaultier. During her time in France, she accepted a few minor roles in French films, but she considered the experience “boring.” She later admitted that the only reason she accepted these parts was for the money.

She eventually began taking acting classes and displaying a stronger interest in performing. However, she remained uncertain about pursuing a career as an actor, mostly because she lacked confidence in her talents.


Her entertainment career began to flourish in the 1980s. She was a DJ for Radio Luxembourg and appeared in “Crime Story” on television. Her first major cinema appearance was in “Camorra” in 1986. Bracco was cast in the Italian-language film by Italian director and author Lina Wertmüller, and the experience eventually persuaded her to pursue a professional acting career.

Lorraine improved her acting skills over the following five years with films such as “The Pick-Up Artist,” “Someone to Watch Over Me,” “Sing,” and “Sea of Love.” Then, in 1990, she received her big break with “Goodfellas.” She portrayed Karen, the protagonist’s wife. This performance garnered her considerable critical praise, and she was nominated for several prizes and distinctions. The picture was a phenomenal hit, generating a modest $47 million but becoming one of the greatest films ever made.

During the next decade, Bracco appeared in a number of further films, including “Talent for the Game,” “Switch,” “Medicine Man,” “Radio Flyer,” “Traces of Red,” and “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.” She appeared in films such as “Being Human,” “The Basketball Diaries,” and “Hackers” by the mid-1990s. The latter film initially underperformed at the box office but has now attained cult classic status. Tim Burton also offered her the part of Catwoman for his film “Batman Returns,” but she rejected.

Her next significant advancement occurred in 1999 when she auditioned for “The Sopranos.” She first auditioned for the part of Carmela Soprano, Anthony’s wife. However, she grew more interested in the part of psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi and exerted pressure on producer David Chase to allow her to play the character. She achieved her objective and was nominated for three straight Emmy Awards as a consequence. Bracco continued to feature in series such as “Dice” and “Blue Bloods” after “The Sopranos.”


Bracco married Daniel Guerard in 1979 while residing in France. The couple had one child prior to their divorce in 1982. Bracco’s 12-year relationship with actor Harvey Keitel is also well-known. In 1985, they had a kid who became the focus of a bitter custody fight. Reportedly, Bracco paid over $2 million in legal bills related to this custody dispute. In 1994, after her marriage to Keitel, Lorraine wed Edward James Olmos. The marriage lasted for eight years until dissolving in 2002.

Real Estate

It was reported in 2020 that Lorraine Bracco had acquired a residence in Italy for one euro. Despite the fact that this may seem like a value, it should be emphasized that the house was in terrible condition when she purchased it. The 200-year-old building was on the verge of collapse and lacked running water, electricity, a kitchen, and a toilet that worked. This “Italian adventure” will be followed by a new HGTV series that Bracco renovated.

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