Natalia Dyer Net Worth – 2023

Natalia Dyer Net Worth

Net Worth $4 Million
Height Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Profession Actress
Gender Jan 13, 1995 (27 years old)
Date of Birth $250 Thousand Per Episode

Natalia Dyer Net Worth:

$4 Million

Natalia Dyer’s Salary

$250 Thousand Per Episode

What is the Net Worth and Salary of Natalia Dyer?

American actress Natalia Dyer has a net worth of $4 million. Natalia is well recognized for her appearance in the blockbuster Netflix series “Stranger Things.” Dyer has further appeared in the films Hannah Montana: The Move, The Greening of Whitney Brown, Blue Like Jazz, Don’t Let Me Go, I Believe in Unicorns, After Darkness, and Long Nights Short Mornings.

Early Years

Dyer was born in Nashville, Tennessee on January 13th, 1995. She attended Nashville School of the Arts, a high school for performing arts. In 2013, she relocated to New York City to attend New York University. She simultaneously attended Gallatin School of Individualized Study and pursued an acting career. As soon as she secured the job in “Stranger Things,” she abandoned her studies, however she has claimed she may return to school to complete her education.


In 2009, Dyer began her acting career with landing a role in “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” The next year, in 2010, she appeared in the short film “Too Sunny for Santa,” followed by “The Greening of Whitney Brown” in 2011. In 2012 and 2013, she appeared in the films “Blue Like Jazz” and “Don’t Let Me Go.” She resumed her career in 2014 with appearances in the short films “I Believe in Unicorns” and “The City at Night.” The next year, she appeared in another short film, “Yes, God, Yes,” as well as “Long Nights Short Mornings.”

Her major break came in 2016 when she was cast in the first season of the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” The show is a 1980s-set science fiction horror thriller set in a tiny community. The plot centers on the disappearance of a young kid and a succession of bizarre supernatural occurrences that occur simultaneously in the town. Dyer was cast as one of the show’s key characters, Nancy Wheeler. The show broke viewing records and attracted followers from all around the world. In its debut season, it was nominated for many accolades and won several. In 2017, Dyer was nominated for a Young Artist Award in the category of Best Performance in a Digital TV Series or Film – Teen Actress. Subsequently, the program was revived for a second and third season, which likewise performed exceptionally well. In 2018, the ensemble cast received the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series. The sitcom got renewed for a fourth season in 2019, despite production and filming delays caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. The season will premiere in 2022. Dyer has made an appearance in every season.

During his time on “Stranger Things,” Dyer continued to appear in films. In 2017, she appeared in the films “Mountain Rest” and “After Her.” In 2018, she collaborated with James Bay, starring in the music video for his song “Wild Love.” In 2019, she appeared in the films “After Darkness,” “Velvet Buzzsaw,” and “Yes, God, Yes.” In addition, she appeared in “The Nearest Human Being” and “Tuscaloosa.” In 2020, she portrayed the role Jane Eyre in an episode of “Acting for a Cause.” She acted in “United States vs. Reality Winner” and “Things Heard & Seen” in 2021.

Stranger Things Income

Each kid actor in the first season was paid $10,000 each episode. This totaled $80,000 for the season. For the second season, their salary increased to $30,000 each episode, or around $270,000 per season. Beginning with the third season, each of the principal kid actors will get $250,000 every episode, or around $2 million per season.

Personal Life

Dyer is in a relationship with co-star Charlie Heaton of “Stranger Things.” Heaton has portrayed Jonathan, the boyfriend of Dyer’s character, in the series. Dyer’s dog is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Ozzy, and the two are frequently seen together at high-profile occasions.

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