Peri Gilpin Net Worth – 2023

Peri Gilpin

Net Worth $25 Million
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession Actor, Voice Actor
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 27, 1961 (61 years old)
Nationality United States of America

Peri Gilpin Net Worth:

$25 Million

What is the Net Worth and Salary of Peri Gilpin?

Peri Gilpin is an American actress and voiceover artist with a $25 million net worth. Gilpin has a lot of acting credits, but she is most recognized for her role in the television comedy “Frasier.” In this television series, she portrayed Roz Doyle. Gilpin is well recognized for her role as Kim Keeler in the ABC television drama “Make It or Break It.” Fans are familiar with Peri’s voice, which has been described as “grave.”

Early Years

Peri Kay Oldham was born in Waco, Texas on May 27, 1961. Her father, James Franklin Oldham, was a broadcaster who later acquired the stage name Jim O’Brien. Her mother Sandra Jo remarried in 1969 to a guy called Wes Gilpin, following her parents’ final divorce. Peri changed her last name to that of her stepfather at this time.

Gilpin had an interest in performing throughout her childhood in Dallas, and her parents pushed her to pursue it further. Training at the Dallas Theater Center was one of her initial steps toward a profession in acting. Peri pursued her acting study at the University of Texas in Austin after graduating from high school. She completed her education in London, England at the British American Drama Academy.


Peri’s career began in the 1980s with parts in television shows such as “21 Jump Street” and “Almost Grown.” Nevertheless, Gilpin’s career took off once she featured in the television sitcom “Cheers.” In 1993, she portrayed Holly Matheson in one episode. Over the next decade or so, Peri became well-known for her role as Roz Doyle in the popular television sitcom “Frasier,” a spin-off of “Cheers.” Together with the rest of the core ensemble, Gilpin received the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast in a Comedy Series as a result. Peri remained acting on “Frasier” until its finale in 2004 after receiving this award in 1999.

Frasier Salary

Peri obtained a new deal that paid her $500,000 per episode for the remaining two seasons prior to the start of season 10 in 2002. That was a substantial boost over the reported $150,000 per episode she had been making during the previous few seasons. Between seasons 6 and 9, John earned a total of 96 episodes at a rate of $150,000 each episode. That equates to $14,400,000 before taxes. In the 48 episodes of the latter two seasons, she earned $24 million. That’s $38.4 million in earnings before taxes for only the first half of the series.

Other Labor

In 2009, Gilpin continued her television career by starring in “Make it or Break it.” She received several praises and a Gracie Award for “Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama Series” once more. However, she managed to retain relationships with her “Frasier” co-stars, most notably Jane Reeves. Bristol Cities was the eventual name of the production firm founded by the couple. During the subsequent years, this production business produced a variety of films.

Gilpin is also an accomplished voice actor who has starred in animated films such as “Final Fantasy: Spirits Within.” Her first film appearance was a voice role in “The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story” in 1998. She has also lent her voice to animated shows such as “Danny Phantom,” “Superman: The Animated Series,” “Justice League,” and “Hercules: The Animated Series.” She is also well-known for her contributions to many animated “Hellboy” flicks.

Peri worked on television programs such as “Medium” and “Desperate Housewives” in the 2010s. Recently, she has been cast in episodes such as “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” During this time, she also appeared in the Lifetime film “For the Love of a Child” alongside Teri Polo. In 2012, she joined “Men at Work” as a recurrent cast member. She then joined the cast of “Scorpion” in the second season, as a homeland security team leader.


Peri Gilpin is widely recognized for her marriage to the painter Christian Vincent in 1999. In 2004, the couple brought their first children into the world via a surrogate mother; they were twins.


In 1997, Gilpin’s mother succumbed to leiomyosarcoma, a kind of cancer that has affected Gilpin. This event has inspired her to become highly involved in cancer research fundraising and awareness.

Brand Endorsements

Peri Gilpin has supplemented her acting income throughout the years with a variety of brand sponsorships. Perhaps she is most recognized for her voice work in advertisements for Wells Fargo and Johnsonville Meats.

Real Estate

Gilpin and her husband have a substantial portfolio of real estate and have been highly active in the California property market. In 2003, Peri and her husband sold a West Hollywood home for $1,367,000. In 2007, they sold another Beverly Hills residence for $5.6 million.

In 2010, it was reported that Gilpin acquired a $3.55 million Malibu property. Within the Malibu Colony neighborhood of Malibu, California. The residence of Gilpin is 1,783 square feet with four bedrooms and four baths. The brick path adorned with lavender guides guests through the rose-filled front yard to the front door. The primary living rooms include limestone flooring, and the living/dining room features a fireplace and a wall of sliding glass doors that connect to the backyard. The kitchen features open shelves, white cabinets, and a breakfast bar separating it from the family area. The master suite includes a shared office space and a private bathroom. The guest bedroom opens into the front garden through a Dutch door. The backyard features a wide brick terrace, a spa, with views of the ocean and adjacent mountains.

It was reported in 2013 that Gilpin and her husband had listed their Malibu villa for $4.25 million. In that year, the couple purchased a Malibu property for $2.54 million. This property was constructed in the 1940s, and although being more affordable, it is larger than their former one. In 2017, she and Vincent reportedly listed their second Malibu house for $3.89 million. This home has three bedrooms and covers 3,741 square feet of living area. On the 1.13 acres of land, there is also a detached guesthouse, a vegetable garden, and a swimming pool. It would appear that Peri Gilpin and her husband engage in so-called “house-flipping” based on their purchasing and selling trends.

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