Phoebe Cates Net Worth – 2023

Phoebe Cates

Net Worth $35 Million
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession Actor, Model, Entrepreneur
Gender Female
Date of Birth Jul 16, 1963 (58 years old)
Nationality United States of America

Phoebe Cates Net Worth:

$35 Million

What is the net worth of Phoebe Cates?

American actress, model, and businesswoman Phoebe Cates has a net worth of $35 million. This is the net worth she shares with her husband of more than three decades, actor Kevin Cline. Phoebe is most well-known for her roles as Linda Barrett in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982), Kate Beringer in “Gremlins” (1984) and “Gremlins 2: The New Batch” (1990), and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cronin in “Drop Dead Fred” (1990). (1991). Cates also starred on Broadway in Paddy Chayefsky’s “The Tenth Man” in 1989.

Early Years

Phoebe Cates was born Phoebe Belle Cates in New York City on July 16, 1963. Her mother, Lily, was born in China, and her father, Joseph Katz, was a Broadway and television producer who helped create the game show “The $64,000 Question.” Phoebe grew raised with Valerie and Alexandra, and she attended the Professional Children’s School and the famous Juilliard School. Cates began modeling at the age of 10 and has appeared in adolescent publications like “Seventeen.” A few years later, she opted to focus on ballet and was awarded a scholarship to the School of American Ballet; however, she was forced to quit out at age 14 due to a knee injury. Regarding her modeling career, Phoebe commented, “It was the same thing repeated endlessly. After a while, I did it for the money alone.”


Cates made her acting debut in the 1982 film “Paradise” after getting disenchanted with the modeling industry. Her father urged her to participate in the film, despite her initial reluctance due to the role’s nudity-related requirements “What will you do for the rest of your life, model? Why are you so obsessed with nakedness?” In addition to acting in the movie, Phoebe sung the theme song and released an album named “Paradise.” Cates said that the film’s makers recorded naked close-ups of her role using a body duplicate without her consent, and she refused to promote the picture. In her second picture, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982), she was responsible for the “most unforgettable bikini-drop in cinematic history,” as stated by Rolling Stone magazine. The Library of Congress selected the picture for preservation in its National Film Registry in 2005 on the basis of its “cultural, historical, or artistic significance.” In 1983, Phoebe appeared in “Private School” and “Baby Sister” and sang “How Do I Let You Know” and “Just One Touch” on the “Private School” soundtrack.

Cates featured in the 1984 horror comedy “Gremlins” and the television miniseries “Lace.” “Gremlins” earned $212.9 million at the film office, and Phoebe portrayed Kate Beringer in “Gremlins 2: The New Batch” (1990) and “Lego Dimensions” (2015). She then participated in the 1985 miniseries “Lace II,” the 1987 picture “Date with an Angel,” the 1988 film “Bright Lights, Big City,” the 1989 film “Shag,” and the 1989 television film “Largo Desolato” (1990). Cates portrayed Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cronin in the 1991 black comedy “Drop Dead Fred,” and she subsequently participated in the 1993 films “Bodies, Rest & Motion” and “My Life’s in Turnabout.” In the 1991 film “Father of the Bride,” she was cast as Steve Martin’s daughter, but she left out when she became pregnant with her first child. Phoebe performed the titular character in the 1994 film “Princess Caraboo” with her husband, Kevin Kline. She did not participate in another film until 2001’s “The Anniversary Party,” which she did as a favor for her filmmaker friend Jennifer Jason Leigh. Kline commented of Cates’ choice to leave acting in a 1998 interview, “We have agreed to rotate so that we’re never working at the same time… but whenever it’s been her turn to work, Phoebe has decided to stay home with the children.”

Personal Life

In the early 1980s, Phoebe shared a Greenwich Village flat with her lover, Stavros Merjos. Cates met actor Kevin Kline in 1983 during an audition for a role in “The Big Chill.” When they originally met, they were both involved with other people, but two years later, when they were both single again, they began dating. Phoebe and Kevin wed on March 5, 1989, and they received their children Owen on October 14, 1991, and Greta on March 21, 1994. Owen went on to become a writer, director, and actor; Greta is a singer-songwriter and musician. The entire family participated in the 2001 film “The Anniversary Party” together. Cates launched the Blue Tree store on Madison Avenue in New York City in 2005.

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