Prince Michael Jackson Net Worth – 2022

Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr.

Net Worth $100 Million
Height Actor, TV Personality
Profession United States of America
Gender Male
Date of Birth Feb 13, 1997 (25 years old)

Prince Michael Jackson Net Worth:

$100 Million

Prince Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Prince’s Net Worth: Michael Jackson is a teenager from the United States who is worth $100 million. Prince is best known as Michael Jackson’s oldest son. He should not be confused with his younger half-brother, Prince Michael Jackson II (who is also known as “Blanket”). Prince has been in many TV shows over the years, both as an actor and as a TV personality. Even though Prince seems to be trying to “make his own way” in life, he is still known by the name of his famous father, the “King of Pop.” It’s unlikely that he will ever be able to get out from under this shadow and the controversy surrounding Michael Jackson’s life.

Early years:

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. was born in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, on February 13, 1997. Debbie Rowe is his mother. She works as an assistant in a dermatology office and married Michael Jackson in 1996. Rowe wanted to have Jackson’s children before they got married. She said this when she heard about his failed marriage to Lisa Marie Presley. She supposedly told Jackson and Presley this when they were still married.

Rowe has said that she was artificially inseminated, but at first she didn’t want to talk about how her son was born. This has led to a lot of rumors, and some people say that Prince is not really his father’s son. Some people say that actor Mark Lester is his real father, while others say that Dr. Arnold Klein is. Prince has said that no matter what, he will always think of himself as his father’s son because he and his siblings were raised by him.

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. quickly got the name “Prince” after he got married. His father quickly took sole custody and took on all of the duties of a parent. In 1999, he and Rowe got a divorce, and Jackson got full custody of their children. Even though Prince’s mother reportedly got a $8 million settlement and a house in Beverly Hills, she had signed a “rock-solid” prenuptial agreement and couldn’t get to Jackson’s real wealth.

As a young boy, Prince rarely saw his mother because he was taken away to the Neverland Ranch. He was mostly taken care of by a “team” of six babysitters and caregivers. By 2004, 10 counts of child abuse had been brought against Michael Jackson. Debbie Rowe was worried about Prince and wanted to play a bigger role in his life, even though she had given up her legal parental rights in 2001. Still, she tried to get the decision changed, and she eventually got more time with her kids. But it is said that Prince wouldn’t call her “mother.”

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, Prince and his siblings were put under the care of his mother, Katherine. Since then, he is said to have been in many fights with the rest of his family over his father’s estate. Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor, who are both actors and were friends with Michael Jackson, are his godparents.


Prince keeps to himself most of the time and doesn’t show up on TV very often. At his father’s funeral, when he sang on stage with his family, he may have made one of his most memorable appearances. But, unlike most of his family, he didn’t want to give a speech.

In 2003, he was in “Living with Michael Jackson,” a documentary about the singer. In 2009, he was shown on live TV at the funeral for his father. He was seen at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards the next year. Also in 2010, he was on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where he talked with Oprah about his life with his siblings and Katherine, his grandmother. In 2011, he was on “The X Factor” for a short time. In 2013, he was on “Entertainment Tonight” once more. In the same year, he also had his first acting job. In an episode of “Beverly Hills 90210,” he played the part of Cooper. Even though this was his first acting job, it’s not clear if he will act again in the future.

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