Chaz Dean Net Worth – 2022

Chaz Dean Net Worth

Net Worth $100 Million
Date of Birth

Chaz Dean Net Worth:

$100 Million

How Much Is Chazz Dean Net Worth?

Chaz Dean is an American stylist with a $100 million net worth. Dean is most known for his hair care infomercials and his participation on the reality television series “Flipping Out,” in which famous designer Jeff Lewis rebuilt his salon for the whole of Season 3. Chaz featured in almost 30 episodes of “Flipping Out” between 2009 and 2018, and he was an associate producer on the short film “Tuxedo Terrace” in 2021. He owns Chaz Dean Studio in Los Angeles and New York City, as well as WEN® By Chaz Dean, a range of natural hair and body care products.

Early Years

Chaz Dean was born in Vermont on July 23, 1974. Chaz and his adoptive parents, Joan and James, as well as his sister, Joanne, grew up in numerous U.S. states, including Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California. In the mid-1980s, Dean opted to settle in Los Angeles. Millie, his original mother, passed away in July 2020, and he met Reed and Darcy, his biological siblings, in 1998.


After relocating to Los Angeles, Chaz’s exposure to commercial photography classes encouraged him to temporarily enroll in cosmetology school. Later, he began cutting and coloring hair professionally, and he assisted a highly successful firm in developing a product line, which inspired him to create his own items. Dean operated a salon in Bel Air, and after purchasing the business, he began attracting celebrity clients. After moving the Chaz Dean Salon to Hollywood, he renamed it Chaz Dean Studio and became recognized for giving “high-end clientele an escape from the paparazzi and a more private and discreet setting.” In a 2011 “Chaz explained how he came up with the name of his hair and body care brand in an interview with HuffPost, claiming, “I used to actually manufacture concoctions for my customers. I informed them that they will no longer use lather shampoo; instead, they will cleanse their hair with conditioner. They believed that was illogical because conditioner weighs down my hair. I stated that this is a whole novel perspective. I want a three-letter term that could not be found in a dictionary. Wen is the reverse of the word “new””

Personal Life

Monroe is the daughter of “Flipping Out” actors Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward, and Chaz is her godfather. In 2015, over 200 consumers of WEN® By Chaz Dean filed a class action complaint stating that the company’s products “may cause severe and perhaps permanent damage to hair, including considerable hair loss to the point of noticeable bald patches, hair breakage, scalp irritation, and rash.” In July 2016, the FDA initiated an inquiry, and the case was resolved for $26 million a few months later.

Awards and Accolades

Dean received the Corporate Leadership Award at the 28th Annual Angel Awards Gala hosted by Project Angel Food in 2020. Chaz has worked in the kitchen of Project Angel Food and donated a vehicle for the organization’s delivery services. He commented about the charity, “Everyone engaged is what makes it truly exceptional. The heart, the care, and the love that go into every dish that is made. I believe that is significant. You watch so many culinary shows and hear about ‘the love that goes into it,’ so all of these individuals are receiving meals delivered with all of that heart and love.” The 2021 release of WEN® by Chaz Dean received multiple QVC® Customer Choice® Beauty Awards, including QVC Icon (WEN® 32 oz Cleansing Conditioner), Best Shampoo (WEN® 32 oz Cleansing Conditioner), Best Hair Treatment (WEN® Botanical Hair & Scalp Tonic), Best Hairspray (WEN® Light Finishing Spray), and Best Men’s Product (WEN® Men’s Head to Toe Cleansing Conditioner).

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