Los Gatos Party Mom ‘tore my life apart,’ victim says

The victim says Los Gatos Party Mom tore her life apart.

Current and former Los Gatos High School students cried as they urged a Santa Clara County judge to send an accused sexual predator, also known as “Party Mom”, away to prison with a maximum sentence.

Shannon O’Connor was silent as her alleged victims spoke in court. Between 2020 and 2021, the District Attorney’s Office says O’Connor threw sex parties for teenagers with alcohol. According to investigators, the secret parties were organized by O’Connor without her husband’s knowledge.

According to investigators, teenagers were pressured to engage in sex for O’Connor’s own sexual pleasure.

O’Connor has not been found guilty. She has been in jail without bail for more than a year. Court records show that O’Connor was at the prison in October.

According to Friday’s court proceedings, her defense team may be preparing for O’Connor to change her plea to avoid a trial. The victims told the judge personal stories of how O’Connor befriended them through her two teenaged sons and social media, while the girls were freshmen at Los Gatos High School.

One girl said Friday that a woman tore her life apart. I had to deal with the reputation of being the girl that got raped and I will live my high school years with that.

Girls told investigators that they were sexually assault by boys while drunk.

When she realized she was being followed by a car without headlights, she was traumatizing. She said the girl had obtained a restraining order. She saw O’Connor and her son scream and call her names when she looked over at the car.

The person said she hid in a bush to escape.

O’Connor’s defense attorneys want a prison sentence of eight years or less, according to court proceedings. Shannon doesn’t have a conscience. She works as a con artist. Eight years is a long time for the victims. I will not have the life I once had. And she shouldn’t.

O’Connor was charged with felony child endangering and sexual battery. The victims ranged from 13 to 15 years old. She could face 20 years in prison if convicted of the 39 charges.

The judge was told that she has nightmares. She said that every morning she wakes up she thanks God for being free from O’Connor. Her actions are strange. She is a pathological liar. Jane Doe 9 said that she continued to show signs of no remorse.

Jane Doe 9 said she was questioned about what happened by her peers. O’Connor has yet to confess to the truth, but Time is the greatest ally of truth. Jane Doe 9 said she desperately wanted her life back before she took it away from her.

When the Los Gatos Police Department launched an investigation into the mother of two in 2021, O’Connor fled with her sons from California to Idaho.

Shannon moved to my town in Idaho. There were 27 calls with no caller ID. Shannon was breathing into the phone. Jane Doe 8 said she thought she was going to be killed.

Jane Doe 8’s mother told the judge that O’Connor was stalking her through social media. The mother believes that she is the rapist of her child. For a long time, I asked for Shannon to stop. My daughter will not be allowed to have a relationship with your son if I stop contacting them.

The parents of Jane Doe 2 asked her to attend Friday’s hearing, but she declined, saying she wanted to forget.

The mother told the judge that she didn’t want Shannon to own one more minute of her life. My daughter isn’t here because she’s busy studying for AP tests, the SAT’s, getting her prom dress fitted, and dreaming about colleges, she’s here because she’s doing what kids in their junior year should be doing: studying for AP tests, the SAT

Jane Doe 2 was a blonde haired girl before she met O’Connor. The mother said that after she met Shannon she started to withdraw. O’Connor only feels sorry for herself and lacks a sense of remorse, according to Jane Doe 2’s mother.

Several more alleged victims and their parents spoke in court, imploring the judge to sentence O’Connor to more than eight years. O’Connor could be out of prison in as little as four years if she gets an eight year sentence.

Brian Madden did not call witnesses for his client’s court appearance.

O’Connor’s husband has filed for divorce.

According to police and prosecutors, “Party Mom” was aware that she was being investigated, but she continued throwing parties for teens.

Shannon continued the parties in Idaho. She is a very sick person and a sexual predator. She made our daughter drink like a rock star. She didn’t have a boyfriend, she had never had alcohol, and she was only 14. It is disgusting to me.

Police, parents and her husband were kept in the dark. According to court documents, O’Connor was the only adult at the parties.

The mother of Jane Doe 4 said her daughter is healing through therapy from trauma that left her on a dark path, struggling with depression, anxiety and self harm. The mother said that her daughter is learning to love herself and make healthy decisions.

Two boys wrote letters to the judge who was supposed to hear their case.

The judge didn’t make any rulings on Friday. The court ordered O’Connor to return on May 16.

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