Mary Hart Net Worth – 2022

Mary Hart

Net Worth $100 Million
Height Journalist, Actor, Presenter, Radio producer, Model, Voice Actor
Profession United States of America
Gender Female
Date of Birth Nov 8, 1950 (71 years old)

Mary Hart Net Worth:

$100 Million

What is the net worth and salary of Mary Hart?

Mary Hart is an American television personality with a $100 million net worth. This is her joint net worth with her husband, the producer Burt Sugarman. From 1982 until 2011, she was the host of the syndicated gossip and entertainment roundup program “Entertainment Tonight.” Prior to hosting this program, Mary was crowned Miss South Dakota in 1970. She is referred as be the “face of ET.”

Early Years

Mary Johanna Harum was born in Madison, South Dakota on November 8, 1950. Mary was raised in both Sioux Falls and Denmark as a youngster. As a result, she is proficient in English, Danish, and Swedish. Hart attended Augustana College after graduating from Augustana Academy. In 1972, she ultimately received her college diploma.


Mary’s first major accomplishment occurred in 1970, when she was named Miss South Dakota. This prompted her to enter the Miss America competition in 1971, when she reached the semifinals. After graduating from college, Hart taught English for two years at Washington High School in Sioux Falls. During this time, she also developed and hosted her own talk program on a Sioux Falls affiliate of NBC.

In 1975, Hart abandoned her teaching job to pursue radio exclusively. Her first full-time position was at WMT-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but she soon transferred to a different station in Oklahoma City. During her stay in Oklahoma City, she and Danny Williams co-hosted “Dannysday.” Mary found herself working part-time as a sales representative for a firm that sold school yearbooks as a result of the insufficiency of her income from radio.

By the late 1970s, Hart had lost interest in journalism. She made the decision to go to Los Angeles. She began auditioning for acting gigs with a “make-it-or-break-it” mentality and $10,000 in savings. She had moderate success, obtaining roles on soap operas such as “Days of Our Lives” and other commercial appearances. Unfortunately, these modest acting assignments were insufficient to cover the bills, and she was left with practically no money in her bank account.

In the absence of alternative options, she returned to journalism with a twist. She was focused on entertainment news this time. She launched her new career when she co-hosted a television edition of “PM Magazine.” This gig immediately led to another co-hosting post opposite Regis Philbin on NBC in the early 1980s. Unfortunately, after only four months, this program was finally discontinued. Nonetheless, a fresh opportunity suddenly presented itself, one that would define Hart’s career.

In 1981, the producers of “Entertainment Tonight” interviewed Mary Hart for a special program on how it felt to be canceled. This chance allowed her to join the show as a correspondent. She was elevated to co-host alongside Ron Hendren after roughly a year. Mary Hart maintained her job as her co-hosts were removed one by one throughout the years. None of them appeared capable of lasting more than a few years. In 1984, Hendren was succeeded by Robb Weller. In 1986, John Tesh succeeded Weller, who was then succeeded by Rob Goen in 1996. Throughout this time, Hart remained a vital component of the program. Goen was succeeded by Mark Steines in 2004.

Throughout this time, Mary collaborated closely with her manager, Jay Bernstein. This opened the door to several further chances, including brand sponsorships, appearances at WrestleMania, and a great deal more. In 1988, Hart shared the Las Vegas stage with comedian David Brenner. Professional stage performance was one of her long-term career objectives. During this time, she traveled between Las Vegas and Los Angeles on an exhausting schedule.

Brand Endorsements

Mary Hart’s iconic legs resulted in a deal with Hanes. Throughout 1987, Hart wore the company’s brand of pantyhose. She then insured each of her legs for $1 million.

Real Estate Assets

In 2013, Sugarman and Hart paid $3.8 million for an apartment at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Los Angeles. The apartment was later sold in 2018 for $6,7 million. The Sugarman-Harts also sold an 11,000-square-foot Beverly Hills home for $27 million in 2013.

In 2015, the couple purchased a two-story apartment in West Hollywood for $8 million. They spent $4.65 million for a second flat in the same building in 2016. They later acquired at least two other flats in the Sierra Towers. They have invested a total of $15 million in that area alone. The couple has long kept many residences in Montana. In 2014, they sold a beachfront home in that state for $5.9 million. Additionally, they possess two private Yellowstone Club residences, one of which was advertised for $8 million in 2018. Additionally, they possessed a 160-acre ranch that was advertised for $23 million in 2013.

Mary Hart and her husband sold a Ritz-Carlton condominium for $6.3 million in 2019. This property contains three bedrooms and 4,170 square feet. In addition to the breathtaking views of Los Angeles and floor-to-ceiling windows, there are other more features. The building itself features a swimming pool on the roof, a billiards area, and concierge service.

In 2016, Mary Hart reportedly sold her Montana property for $19.5 million. The six-bedroom home in Big Sky is situated on 160 acres of property and has 7,000 square feet of living space.

Their real estate portfolio has a minimum value of $50 million.

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