Jam Master Jay Net Worth – 2022

Jason Mizell

Net Worth -$1 Million
Height Disc jockey, Musician, Rapper, Actor
Profession United States of America
Gender Male
Date of Birth Jan 21, 1965 – Oct 30, 2002 (37 years old)

Jam Master Jay Net Worth:

-$1 Million

What was Jam Master Jay’s Net Worth?

At the time of his death, Jam Master Jay, an American musician and DJ, had a net worth of -$1 million. Most people knew Jam Master Jay as a member of the hip hop group Run-DMC. In the 1980s, the group’s hit albums “Run-D.M.C.,” “King of Rock,” and “Raising Hell” helped bring hip hop to a wider audience. Jam Master Jay died in 2002 after being shot in a New York City recording studio. The details of what happened are still a mystery.

At the time of his death, Jay owed the IRS $500,000 and was trying to pay off a “vast mortgage” on his home and recording studio. He was also said to owe a lot of money to a neighbor named Curtis Scoon. One idea about how Jay died is that he was killed by Scoon after they got into a fight about money. Randy Allen, Jay’s business partner, was said to be set to get a $500,000 insurance payout after Jay died. This was another theory.

Early Years

Jam Master Jay’s real name was Jason William Mizell, and he was born to Connie and Jesse on January 21, 1965, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City. He was interested in music from a young age. When he was three, he picked up a trumpet. Mizell then learned to play the drums, guitar, and bass. He played in a few bands and at his church. When he was 10, his family moved to the Queens neighborhood of Hollis. There, he went to Andrew Jackson High School. Mizell soon found out about turntables, and when he was 13, he started DJing. He was also involved in less moral things, like committing burglaries with a group of local bad guys. In the end, he stopped committing crimes when he ran into a guard with a gun.

Career Beginnings

Mizell lived for a while in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where turntable master DJ Def Lou Hauck taught him how to crossfade. Mizell started DJing in public places like parks and bars when he felt good about his growing skills. Several garage bands also had him play drums and bass.


In 1983, Mizell joined forces with fellow Hollis, Queens, residents Joseph Simmons and Darryl McDaniels to form the hip hop group Run-DMC. Simmons became known as “Run,” McDaniels became known as “D.M.C.,” and Mizell became known as “DJ Jam Master Jay.” The band’s first album, which was just called “The Band,” came out in 1984 and made it to number 53 on the Billboard 200. More importantly, it was the first rap album ever to be certified Gold by the RIAA. This helped bring hip hop music to a wider audience. In 1985, Run-DMC released its second album, “King of Rock.” This album went on to get a Platinum certification, which showed how well it did. The songs “King of Rock,” “Jam-Master Jammin’,” “Can You Rock It Like This,” and “You Talk Too Much” were all released as singles from the album. Next, in 1986, “Raising Hell” was Run-biggest DMC’s commercial and critical hit. It reached number three on the Billboard 200 and gave the group their best-known single, “Walk This Way” with Aerosmith. Many people say that the album started the golden age of hip hop. Jam Master Jay played drums, piano, and bass on “Raising Hell.”

In 1988, Run-DMC put out its fourth album, “Tougher Than Leather.” Even though it didn’t do as well as “Raising Hell,” the album was certified Platinum and gave rise to the hits “Run’s House” and “Mary, Mary.” Run-next DMC’s song was “Back from Hell,” which came out in 1990. Jam Master Jay raps for the first time on this song. In 1993, “Down with the King,” which made it to number seven on the Billboard 200 and was certified Gold by the RIAA, helped Run-DMC get back on track. Run-DMC didn’t put out another album until “Crown Royal,” which came out in 2001 and was their seventh and last studio album.

Records by JMJ

In 1989, Mizell started the record company JMJ Records. The Afros were the first band on the label. In 1990, they put out their one and only album, “Kickin’ Afrolistics.” Later, Fam-Lee, Onyx, Jayo Felony, Suga, and a young Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson were all signed to JMJ Records. The hip hop group Onyx was one of the label’s biggest hits. Their album “Bacdafucup” was a Platinum hit in 1993, and their single “Slam” was a hit.

In 2002, JMJ Records shut down. Mizell’s oldest son, who goes by the name Jam Master J’Son in the business world, reopened it 15 years later.

Personal Life and Murder

Jason Jr., Jesse, and TJ were Mizell’s three sons. Tyra was the name of his daughter.

Mizell was shot and killed in a recording studio in the Queens neighborhood of New York City on October 30, 2002. He was in the same room as Urieco Rincon, who was also shot but lived.

Aftereffects of a murder

In 2003, drug dealer Kenneth McGriff and some of his friends were investigated for allegedly going after Mizell because Mizell had broken a rule that banned 50 Cent from the industry. Later that year, an investigative reporter named Frank Owen wrote an article in Playboy that said the murder was really caused by a bad drug deal. In 2007, federal prosecutors found out that Mizell’s friend, Ronald Washington, had helped Mizell commit a murder.

In 2018, as part of Netflix’s “ReMastered” series, a documentary called “ReMastered: Who Killed Jam Master Jay?” was made to answer the question of who killed Mizell. In the end, the documentary doesn’t come to a clear conclusion about who killed the person. In a 2018 episode of her A&E show “Marcia Clark Investigates the First 48,” former prosecutor Marcia Clark talked about Mizell’s murder. In 2020, when Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr. were charged with Mizell’s murder, it seemed like progress had been made. But the men said they were not guilty.

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