Sway Calloway Net Worth – 2022

Sway Calloway

Net Worth $7 Million
Height TV Journalist, Journalist, Musician, Rapper
Profession United States of America
Gender Male
Date of Birth Aug 23, 1970 (51 years old)

Sway Calloway Net Worth:

$7 Million

Sway Calloway Net Worth and Salary:

Sway Calloway is an American rap artist, producer, radio host, and reporter with a net worth of $7 million. This rapper is best known by the name “Sway.” He has had a lot of success in radio and journalism. He has also built a reputation as an executive producer for a number of shows. Today, he may be best known for being the host of different shows, such as ones about news, music, and culture.

One of Sway’s most well-known jobs was as the host of the radio show “The Wake Up Show,” which was broadcast all over the country. He worked on this show with King Tech. Calloway is the host of “Sway in the Morning,” a show that airs on Shade45, Eminem’s Sirius XM radio station. Calloway is also the host of MTV’s “TRLAM.”

Early years:

Sway Calloway was born in Oakland, Calif., on July 3, 1971. By the time Sway was a young teen, he had already made a name for himself as a rapper and b-boy on the rise. When he was young, he did shows at Pier 39 in San Francisco. Sway met DJ King Tech for the first time after he graduated from high school in Oakland. The two would continue to work together for the rest of their lives.


At first, King Tech and Sway played a lot of shows in clubs all over the San Francisco Bay Area. After they became more well-known, they put out their first album together. Soon after, a number of albums came out, and most of them were made by independent labels. Finally, they got the attention of a major label called Giant Records. After getting a record deal, DJ King Tech and Sway put out the album “Concrete Jungle” in 1990. It was well received and put both DJ King Tech and Sway on the map.

After “Concrete Jungle” became popular, Sway and King Tech were given the chance to host their first radio show. Their first show was on a San Francisco radio station that played urban music. The first time “The Wake Up Show” was shown in Los Angeles was in 1993. The show was very popular all over the country because it had music and live interviews with well-known hip-hop artists. Eventually, the show was shown at the same time in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. By 1996, Chicago had its own broadcast.

One of the things that made “The Wake Up Show” famous was that it gave the world a chance to hear about new rappers. Rass Kass, Chino XL, and Eminem are just a few of the rappers whose careers took off after being on the show. With the success of the show, Sway began to host other radio shows, such as a morning drive time show.

As Sway and Tech’s popularity kept going up, Interscope Records was able to sign them to another record deal. With the help of Interscope, the duo put out “This or That,” which was another major album. It made it to the top 30 of the Hip-Hop charts in 1999, and some well-known rappers were on it. These artists were Eminem, RZA, Xzibit, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Tech N9ne, Pharoahe Monch, and The Roots. This lineup of big names helped the album gain a lot of steam.

During this time, Sway began to look into a number of other possibilities. MTV asked him to be a correspondent on shows like “Total Request Live” and “Direct Effect.” Calloway became a big part of MTV’s TV presence over the next few years. He even moved to New York and moved the studio for “The Wake Up Show” there as well. Because of this, Tech agreed to go to New York with Sway. Sway has talked to a number of famous people over the years, including Kanye West (who had a serious live meltdown during an argument with Sway).

Because Sway was on MTV, “The Wake Up Show” became even more popular over the next few years. He worked for MTV in a number of different ways, including as a reporter for music videos and news specials. In 2003, he was on the DVD “The Reel Me” by Jennifer Lopez. With Sway’s presence on MTV and “The Wake Up Show” becoming more and more popular, it was only a matter of time before Sway got his own TV show on MTV that was similar to his radio show.

This happened in 2004, and from then on, both Sway and Tech were on a TV version of their radio show. During this time, the two put out their own mixtapes and did their own freestyles. In 2005, it looked like Sway didn’t want to keep his deal with MTV and decided not to renew it. But in 2006, he did a complete about-face and signed a new contract with MTV that gave him a lot of creative freedom. In the world of MTV, Sway’s contract was pretty unique, and only a few other people have been able to get a deal like it.

Since “This and That” came out in 1999, it took the duo six years to make another album. “Back 2 Basics” was finally released in 2005. Tech and Sway had already started their own record label, Bolo Entertainment, by this time. This label put out the album, which was sold by Universal Music.

With more freedom to do what he wanted, Sway worked with Tech to make shows for MTV and other Viacom channels. He also kept on being the host of different MTV shows. In addition to being a host, Calloway was in an episode of “Short Circuitz” in 2007. He also voiced a character based on himself in an episode of the animated show “The Boondocks.”

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