The Modular Dump Pouch Is Called Platatac

Different types of retention are available. If you want your pouch to be retentive, consider what activities you will be doing. Dump pouches for any type of activity have to be closed.

The Tactical – Light Weight Dump Pouch is designed to carry up to 6 empty rifle magazines. MOLLE/PALS are on the inside of the pouch. The operator can fit more gear in the same place on his or her belt.

If I needed a helping hand, you will find a list of dump pouches that I would consider. The Amsteel Lineman/Tree tether can be held by the dump pouch. You can fit both of them in one dump pouch. There is a 2 rows x 4 columns PALS area to attach any Molle compatible pouches, such as 40mm or distraction pouches for rapid access to extra items. There is a soft armour insert in the internal pocket of the dump pouch. I was very excited to get my hands on it.

dump pouch

The Dump Pouch is a product of Flatline Fiber Co. The dump pouch is more versatile and uses than just a standard dump pouch. To maintain a higher quality, our products are manufactured one at a time and are made to order. We need a manufacturing time of 2 weeks from the date of order. It can be done without taking your eyes away from your surroundings. To open the Hook and loop trunk lid, simply twist the rim in half.

Product Details

Quality military gear is only a click away if you are located in India. You can be sure of the best quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery and superior customer service from the team of Olive planet. There is a kind of grommet on the bottom of the Mag pouch. They allow dirt, sand and water to pass through. Dump pouches made of mesh can allow these to pass through, but they won’t protect your items as well as a normal cordura pouch.

The Pouch Rifle Has A Speed Reload Option

Leg retention is nice, but because the cordura is thick, it generally holds its shape with lighter items. The T. Rex Arms dump pouch is well-known. It is a jack of all trades and great for dynamic shooters who run around a lot. The standard for other dump pouches will be set by the bungee.

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges. A 10% restocking fee may be imposed on returns. A lightweight roll up dump pouch is fastened with a VELCRO® brand hook and loop to the lower edge of any of our belts. Anything that needs to be stowed quickly is used. When not being used, Rolls up and stores out of the way.

The pouch can also be mounted on belts. The dump pouch is from the mouth of the tanker. It is built to last and can carry as much on the outside as it can on the inside. Premium Military gear is offered at Olive Planet.

Do The Military Use Dump Pouches?

I like to keep my gear streamlined. A dump pouch that takes up virtually no space on your belt, folds away nicely, and uses space that is not being used or in the way seems like a no-brainer. If that seems like you, look no further than this dump pouch. It has a bungee leg strap that keeps it upright and tucks it away neatly. For users who don’t mind a slightly open system, the closure works well for mags.

It’s a good idea to use a dump pouch to hold snacks, water, a phone, and sensitive items. It can do anything the military needs when it comes to turning textiles into gear. It doesn’t have every feature, but the ones it does have are topnotch. It is great to haveDurability and easy drainage when roughing it. The elastic pull tab is the shining star. You don’t have to open the pouch, just pull it open and let go.

This will be a permanent addition to my gun belt until an updated version is released. We can earn revenue from the products on this page. A store representative or other customers will answer your question.