171.50 off LPG cylinders. Rates updated here 2023

As of today, Monday, the price of Commercial LPG cylinders has been reduced by the petroleum and oil marketing businesses, and this reduction is effective immediately. According to the sources cited by the news agency ANI, the price of a commercial LPG cylinder weighing 19 kilograms has been reduced by 171.50 rupees. On the other hand, there has been no change to the cost of home LPG cylinders.

In Delhi, the retail sale price of a 19-kilogram LPG cylinder will now cost 1,856.50 Indian rupees, while in Mumbai, it will cost 1,808 Indian rupees, down from the previous price of 1,980 Indian rupees. Instead of costing the previous amount of 2,132.00, a commercial LPG cylinder would now cost 1,960.50 in Kolkata. It will now cost 2,021 in Chennai, down from the previous price of 2,192.

On Monday, oil and gas firms cut Commercial LPG cylinder prices.

The prices of commercial gas have a greater propensity to be more volatile than the pricing of home LPG cylinders. On the first day of the new fiscal year, 2024, the price of commercial gas cylinders dropped by 92 on the first of the previous month.

During the month of March, prices for commercial LPG cylinders increased by 350.50 yen per unit, while prices for domestic LPG cylinders increased by 50 yen per unit. It was raised by 25 yen in the month of January.

In 2022, the costs of home LPG cylinders were increased by a factor of four while simultaneously being decreased by a factor of three.

The costs of the commercial cylinders were cut by 91.50 yen on September 1 of the previous year, whereas they were reduced by 36 yen in August of that same year. The prices were decreased by 8.5 per unit in the month of July.

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