A Phoenix airport passenger attacked three TSA officials in a “unprovoked and brazen” attack 2023

The Transportation Security Administration reported on Tuesday morning that three officers were injured in a “unprovoked and brazen” assault by a female passenger at a Phoenix airport.

The travelers assaulted the TSA officers at a security checkpoint at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport shortly before 6 a.m. local time, according to a TSA statement.

According to the TSA, two of the officers were transported to a hospital, where they were treated and released. Authorities provided no information regarding the nature of their injuries.

According to Sgt. Brian Bower of CNN, the Phoenix Police Department responded and arrested 19-year-old Makiah Coleman. It was initially unclear whether she had a lawyer.

The TSA claims the assault closed the security checkpoint, but officials have not revealed the details.

“We are grateful for our dedicated employees and the role they play every day in safeguarding the traveling public. Unfortunately, this incident resulted in the injury of three TSA officers and inconvenienced approximately 450 passengers who were redirected to a nearby checkpoint for security screening due to the actions of this traveler, according to a TSA statement.

The TSA has stated that it will pursue independent enforcement actions against the passenger. Those who commit physical violence against its employees will be prosecuted and could be fined nearly $14,000, the company warned.

“We continue to monitor the recoveries of the affected employees and are fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation.” Additionally, TSA will pursue independent enforcement actions against the traveler, according to the statement.

It is not the first incident of this nature at the airport. According to officials at the time, five TSA agents were injured there in 2019 when a man attempted to hurry through a security checkpoint.

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