Amazon dismisses 9000 workers in second wave 2023

Amazon has announced the termination of another 9,000 workers. The company’s CEO, Andy Jassy, has issued a memo to the affected employees explaining that Amazon is experiencing difficult times and must take this action to save money. This is not the first time the e-commerce behemoth has let off staff; in January of this year, it laid off as many as 18,000 people. This essentially indicates that Amazon has terminated 27,000 employees.

Amazon Fires 9K Worker

“In the next weeks, we plan to cut around 9,000 additional roles, mostly in AWS, PXT, Advertising, and Twitch. This was a painful choice, but we believe it would benefit the firm in the long run “In the email that was distributed to staff, Jasmine stated.

But why is Amazon again laying off thousands of employees? Due to the economic crisis, the company’s CEO has said that Amazon has overhired in recent years and will now have to lay off staff in order to save money and save resources. In addition, he stated that the move will benefit the firm in the long term and that the money saved would be used for greater purposes.

The company has already laid off 18,000 workers earlier this year.

“With the unpredictability of our current economy and the foreseeable future, we have opted to trim our costs and staff,” he explained. Jassy elaborated that the business did not disclose both rounds of layoffs simultaneously because not all teams had completed their analysis by late autumn, and thus the second wave of layoffs is occurring now.

“As our internal businesses evaluated what matters most to customers, they made re-prioritization decisions that sometimes resulted in role reductions, sometimes resulted in people being moved from one initiative to another, and sometimes resulted in new openings for which we lacked the appropriate team members with the necessary skills,” he added. This resulted in Amazon eliminating 18,000 positions in January, and after completing the second phase of planning this month, the corporation has eliminated an additional 9,000 positions.

The CEO has stated that the newest round of layoffs would be completed by mid- to late-April. Also, he affirmed that Amazon will assist the laid-off staff. It promises to give packages consisting of a separation money, transitional health insurance coverage, and job placement assistance.

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