EPD alerts business owners about fake police callers 2023

The Eureka Police Department is issuing a warning to business owners in the area to be on the lookout for a possible effort at a scam in which callers are purportedly impersonating cops and asking for confidential information.

According to the EPD, at least two different companies phoned the department and stated that a caller had contacted them and said they were from the EPD. The caller had reportedly introduced themselves to the businesses as a member of the EPD. After that, the callers inquired about the company’s financial situation before requesting that the firm send money to a number of other places.

The authorities have stated that they are looking into each of these events and have requested that owners report any further calls they receive. Also, the agency noted that EPD will never phone a company to inquire about their financial situation, nor will they ever ask for a money transfer or delivery.

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