Former Chef CEO joins Buildkite board; Salesforce hires exec 2023

Crist is the former CEO and board chair of Chef, a Seattle-based automation technology startup bought by Progress, a business application platform, in 2020 for $220 million.

Crist, the current chair of Buildkite’s board of directors, also sits on the boards of Seattle sales startup Magnify and London cloud business communication provider Rossum. Formerly, he served as the CEO of Likewise, which was bought in 2012, as well as Mercury Interactive, McAfee, and Apple. Crist presently resides at Lopez Island, Washington.

Former Chef CEO joins Buildkite board

Buildkite appointed two additional new board members: Adam Gross, the former CEO of Heroku, which Salesforce purchased in 2010, and Michelle Deaker, the managing partner of OneVentures in Sydney.

Buildkite’s technologies facilitate the development, testing, and deployment of software, allowing clients to execute pipelines on their own infrastructure. It has over a thousand clients, including Chef and other Seattle-based businesses. In November, the business secured $21 million in a Series B funding round. It competes with GitHub by Microsoft and others.

Buildkite welcomes former CEO of Chef to its board

Alice Steinglass is the executive vice president and general manager of AppExchange and the Salesforce developer experience since joining Salesforce.

Steinglass spent more than five years with the non-profit organization, most recently as its president. In 2020, she stepped down from her position. Steinglass also worked over fourteen years with Microsoft, including a spell as the group’s head. In 2018, she was listed as a “Working Geek” by GeekWire.

Pay equity enterprise Suzan (Suzi) LeVine, a veteran of the technology industry, has been nominated to Syndio’s strategic advisory board. Levine’s prior positions include commissioner of the Employment Security Department of Washington state and vice president of marketing and sales for the Luxury Travel Division of Expedia. She served as U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the past.

Once known as KeepTruckin, Robson Grieve is currently the chief marketing officer of San Francisco-based fleet management platform firm Motive. Grieve, who resides in Seattle, was formerly the chief marketing officer of Outsystem and an executive at Concur.
Co-founder of the medical supplies marketplace Bttn, ack Miller, has stepped down from his product and technical roles to become a corporate adviser.

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