IBM Announces Hiring Freeze, Replaces 7800 Jobs with AI: Report 2023

IBM has announced that it is contemplating replacing around 7,800 jobs with artificial intelligence. IBM Chief Executive Officer Arvind Krishna stated that the company will halt hiring for positions that they believe can be delegated to artificial intelligence robots.

Since the introduction of ChatGPT and its numerous variants, fears of Artificial Intelligence have intensified. According to Bloomberg, the CEO of IBM has stated that recruiting for back office functions such as human resources will be slowed.

Arvind Krishna predicted that AI and automation will replace 30% of the labor within five years.

30 percent of the workforce would result in the elimination of 7,800 employees. The rise of artificial intelligence to perform tasks such as e-customer service, writing text, and code generation has prompted many to express concern about the impact AI’s takeover could have on the labor market.

IBM’s Chief Executive Officer’s statement that the company is considering using AI for previously human duties could be one of the most significant responses to the advancement of technology.

Krishna further stated that mundane tasks such as employment verification letters would be completely automated and replaced by artificial intelligence. Humans would continue to perform HR functions such as evaluating workforce composition and productivity.

IBM has approximately 2,600,000 employees and is hiring for software development and customer responsibilities. IBM layoffs were announced alongside the CEO’s assertion that AI will replace employment. This round of reductions is anticipated to affect approximately 5,000 workers.

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