‘Indicate fat, sugar…’ said billionaire Nithin Kamath during Bournvita controversy. 2023

After a social media influencer criticized Cadbury’s Bournvita for its high sugar content, billionaire and CEO Zerodha Nithin Kamath suggested an intervention for these so-called “health drinks.”

Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath’s comments came a day after a scientist and liver specialist called Cadbury’s Bournvita claims of muscle and bone growth, immune boosting, and brain development were inaccurate.

May encourage consumers to pick tastier and less caloric drinks and foods.

Kiaan’s father Kamath stated, without naming Bournvita or Cadbury, that such products should have front-of-package food labeling. “Front-of-package food labeling, as proposed by FSSAI in their draft paper for 2018,” he tweeted, “could help people make healthier food and beverage choices.”

“Indicate the amount of fat, sugar, and salt per serving, along with a warning if the per-serving percentage exceeds the daily requirement.”

Nithin Kamath suggested including the utmost number of daily servings. “Even the healthiest foods on the planet are only healthy when consumed in moderation,” he explained.

Nithin Kamath advised listing the daily serving limit. “Even the healthiest foods on the planet are healthy only when consumed in moderation,” he remarked.

A scientist and liver specialist argued a day earlier that Cadbury’s claim that Bournvita boosts muscle and bone growth, immunity, and brain development is misleading because there are no controlled trials to back it.

Cadbury stated that they designed the product scientifically, “which means there has to be published studies backing their claims,” Dr. Abby Phillips added. The liver doctor could only discover evidence supporting Instagram influencer Revant Himatsingka (Food Pharmer)’s now-deleted video.

Himatsingka’s April 1 video criticized Cadbury for misrepresenting Bournvita’s “nutritional value.” He suggested changing the brand’s tagline from “tayyari jeet ki” to “diabetes ki.”

After getting a legal notice from “one of India’s biggest law firms on 13th April, 2023.”

I apologize to Cadbury. “I did not intend to infringe any trademark or defame any company, nor do I have the interest or resources to participate in any court cases,” he wrote.

Cadbury Bournvita clarified: “Bournvita contains nutrients namely Vitamin A, C, D, Iron, Zinc, Copper and Selenium which help build immunity. Our formulation includes these for years. For years (even before the COVID-19 pandemic), our pack has said “Helps with the healthy functioning of the immune system.”

Cadbury Bournvita stated on April 9 that each serving of Bournvita includes 7.5 grams of added sugar, which is less than the recommended daily sugar consumption for youngsters.

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