Rexburg entrepreneurs get $200K on “Shark Tank” 2023

Kaitlyn and Jeremy Carlson, a married couple from Rexburg, got even more local renown after appearing on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and selling their plans to revolutionize the dessert market.

They own Crispy Cones in the Utah cities of Rexburg and Logan. A Crispy Cone is a fresh dough cone roasted on a rotisserie and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. It may be stuffed with hazelnut chocolate, cookie butter, or premium soft-serve ice cream.

Carlson brought their product on the national scene in order to convince the “Sharks” to invest in their vision.

Their presentation was well-received, but ultimately, only one Shark was willing to invest. Observe them on this program.

Carlson stated that Barbara Corcoran made an offer of $200,000 for 20 percent of the company’s shares. The couple had planned to receive a $200,000 investment in exchange for only 10 percent ownership of the business. They attempted to negotiate with Corcoran, but accepted her offer in the end.

“In the nick of time, I felt very, tremendously happy about it, so we decided to accept the offer,” he stated.

Corcoran’s staff spoke with the Carlsons off-screen to confirm that they were serious about moving forward.

Jeremy stated, “We entered the Tank seeking Barbara Corcoran, so we were quite determined to make the transaction.”

He stated that viewers do not see much of what occurs on the show.

Jeremy stated, “We were in the Tank for 45 minutes, for instance.” They only air for around 12 minutes.

The watching public is also unaware that, for whatever reason, certain organizations do not pass the due diligence procedure. According to Jeremy, many of the agreements struck on the show fail for this reason.

In the subsequent months, Corcoran’s team conducted audits, reviewed financials, and generally conducted their due diligence to ensure the company was a sound investment. They concluded the sale in January, almost four months after presenting their proposal.

The new partners have been busy since then. Corcoran and her staff have advised and assisted the Carlsons. With her assistance, Crispy Cones is on the verge of becoming a national brand.

Jeremy stated that they expect to have 46 locations functioning by the end of 2024. In June, the next facility will open in Provo, Utah. They anticipate selling franchises in the states of Florida and Texas. They will maintain their corporate headquarters in the Rexburg region, where they now employ over 30 individuals. In addition, they want to increase employment with the new headquarters.

Jeremy’s advise to fellow entrepreneurs pursuing their aspirations is, “Put one foot in front of the other. Just keep going.”

Corcoran taught him and Kaitlyn to always have fun, even when they are exhausted and disheartened.

He stated, “We are having so much fun here.”

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