Ryanair adds almost 50,000 Rugby World Cup seats, yet prices still rise 2023

Ryanair has added over 51,000 additional seats on French routes in advance of the Rugby World Cup in the fall.
“We have received a record number of bookings from rugby fans traveling to France for the Rugby World Cup,” said Jade Kirwan, Head of Communications for Ryanair.

Dublin and Cork to and from Bordeaux for Ireland vs. Romania match on September 9; Dublin to Nantes for the Tonga group match on September 16; and Dublin to Paris for the highly anticipated South Africa match on September 23.

It is also coordinating additional flights from Dublin to Paris with Ireland’s final group encounter against Scotland on October 7 and the quarterfinal weekend of October 13/14.

Dublin and Cork have increased flights for the autumn Rugby World Cup.

The airline frequently increases capacity around major events like Cheltenham. Even with additional air capacity, there is likely to be significant price pressure around major sporting events due to the travel of supporters from across Europe.

For instance, Ryanair flights from Dublin to Bordeaux begin at €56.49 during the weekend of September 1-3, but increase to €341.90 during the following weekend, when Ireland is scheduled to play Romania.

Flights from Dublin to Paris begin at €51.99 on September 15, but increase to €309.46 the following Friday, prior to Ireland’s match against South Africa.

“While we are adding a substantial amount of additional capacity, we anticipate that these seats will sell out quickly, and we encourage all rugby fans to book their low-cost Ryanair seats immediately to avoid missing out,” Kirwan said.

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