Should you buy luxury beachfront property now? 2023

UAE real estate is expected to rise after surviving the pandemic. As I mentioned earlier this year, house prices across our nation would certainly rise in 2023 as the market adapts to increasing demand.

S&P Global rating analysts forecast ongoing market expansion in Dubai to boost cash flow, profitability, and credit metrics, which we have already seen.

In 2022, 219 luxury houses sold for over $10 million. Dubai was the fourth most active city for ultra-luxury property sales last year, behind New York, Los Angeles, and London.

This bodes well for UAE property investors. However, Dubai outperforms even Los Angeles in one area.

Beach trip!

Dubai has beachfront villas. Most coastal areas have comparable premises. However, our city—and the UAE—has some of the world’s most luxurious beachfront residences.

The UAE’s white-sand beaches make for exquisite homes and long-term investments. Developers are striving to fulfill rising consumer demand due to tranquil views of shimmering cityscapes and the Arabian Gulf, good international transport links, and closeness to vibrant metropolises.

It’s time to invest in luxury seaside life.

Healthy pipeline

There are plenty of chances. DAMAC Properties is advancing beachside projects in the UAE and abroad.

DAMAC Lagoons is extending beachside living away from Dubai’s coast. This DAMAC Hills master-planned development will have beaches and riverfront villas. Snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and more will be available in the community. DAMAC Lagoons, a sustainable project built to international standards, proves that luxury seaside living doesn’t have to be expensive.

DAMAC Properties and Mandarin Oriental are building Mandarin Oriental Bolidhuffaru Reef in the Maldives. This 34-hectare island resort will open in 2025 with 120 luxury villas. 56 will be beachfront and more than half will be built above water.

Just two DAMAC Properties samples. Beachfront developments are rising as vendors capitalize on demand for these sought-after investment opportunities.

Should I invest now?

Your circumstances will determine when to buy beachfront property. Is your portfolio lacking? Can you get funding? Before choosing, consider these factors.

However, present market conditions indicate that these assets are a viable investment. Beachfront destinations are expected to dominate the UAE’s premier real estate market in 2023, according to Unique Properties. Five of DAMAC Lagoons’ eight clusters sold out, and other seaside developments are seeing comparable demand.

As DAMAC Lagoons shows, residences don’t have to be near the seaside to offer this lifestyle. Demand and supply are strong.

If you’re underinvested in this sector and have the funds, a beachfront investment may be a good idea.

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