The craziest items in Uber’s annual lost-and-found report include a Danny DeVito ornament, bicycle, and fake blood 2023

This week, Uber released its seventh annual “Lost & Found Index,” a comprehensive catalog of the oddest and most intriguing items left in cars, including a Christmas ornament featuring actor Danny DeVito and a Tamagotchi.

This year’s list of the 50 most unusual lost items includes intimate personal items such as a remote control vibrator and a bottle of Britney Spears’ “Fantasy” perfume, as well as utterly bizarre items such as a 16-ounce container of artificial blood and “my friend’s fake tooth.”

Other Uber passengers reported losing a “power of attorney document issued by the Turkish consulate,” poultry wings, a single feather, and a slushie machine. Uber reported an increase in missing Disney and Harry Potter-themed items, such as magic wands, Mickey Mouse ears, and lightsabers.

Uber’s sixth annual “Lost & Found Index” tracked unique missing items.

Also reported as lost were multiple canines, turtles, hamsters, and at least one rat, which were all safely reunited with their owners. Also noteworthy were over 40 sets of dentures and prosthetic teeth, but the company reported a decline in the number of lost diamond-encrusted grills, which were reported missing 20 times in 2022.

Among the most frequently misplaced items are apparel, wallets, and electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops. According to Uber, Jacksonville, Florida was the “most forgetful” city, followed by San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, and Indianapolis.

Fake blood, pets, a Danny DeVito Christmas ornament, and chicken wings stand out.

As marijuana legalization continues to spread across the United States, Uber also reported an increase in lost drug paraphernalia and urged passengers in its report to remember their various “ganja goods.”

The most missing items were reported by Americans on Saturdays and Sundays, and the three days with the most reports were April 5, April 9, and New Year’s Day, according to Uber. Much later than the typical time of 5 p.m., riders reported the most missing items at 11 p.m. Uber referenced last year.

The primary purpose of the annual list, according to the company, is to remind users that the app has a specific procedure for reporting and retrieving a lost item, not just to provide amusement by looking back at some of the app’s more unusual lost items.

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