Tim Cook, CEO of a 2 trillion dollar corporation, the first homosexual Fortune 500 CEO, earns Rs 1 crore per day 2023

Tim Cook is in India to establish Apple’s first retail shop in Mumbai BKC. After meeting Akash and Isha Ambani, Apple’s senior executive left the Rs 15000 crore Antilia home.

Madhuri Dixit and Neha Dhupia joined Cook for Indian Munchies. Before the Saket Apple shop opens, he will meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apple’s development in India may be signaled by Tim Cook’s visit, one of the country’s most talked-about figures. Some analysts think Apple’s next China is India. Why do techies love Tim Cook?

After Steve Jobs died in 2011, Tim Cook became Apple CEO.

Tim Cook joined Apple in 1998 and was chief operations officer under Steve Jobs before becoming CEO. Steve Jobs was born in Alabama to a shipyard worker and a pharmacist. He worked at IBM for 12 years after graduating before joining the firm that changed his life. Cook said he joined Apple after meeting Jobs. The executive has helped Apple become a global powerhouse since then.

Tim Cook is worth about Rs 14,000 crore.

Forbes values Tim Cook at $1.8 billion (about Rs 14 thousand crore). Tim Cook doubled revenue and profit as CEO. Apple is one of the world’s most lucrative firms with a $2 trillion net value, and Cook holds more than 3 million shares, less than 1%. Cook has sold hundreds of millions of dollars in shares.

Tim Cook came out as homosexual in 2014.

First homosexual Fortune 500 CEO Tim Cook. Cook considers being homosexual one of God’s greatest gifts. Recent Apple products show his fitness-oriented ideas. Cook gave Jobs part of his liver in 2009 because they had a rare blood type. “I’ll never let you do that,” Jobs shouted. I won’t.”

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