What Dan Bilzerian Has Earned and Where It’s Been Spent 2023

Dan Bilzerian is worth $300 million. Tampa-born online star Dan Brandon Bilzerian gambles. “Instagram King” is another moniker.

Bilzerian entered the World Series of Poker Main Event after a few years of poker. Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is sought after because of his extravagant lifestyle.

Dan Bilzerian was born in Tampa Bay on December 7, 1980. 1980s private equity and corporate takeover leader Paul Bilzerian Sr.

In 1988, Paul was accused of security and tax fraud. The older Bilzerian declared $15,000. He listed debts of $140 million.

The family moved into Tampa’s biggest mansion at its wealthiest. 10 bedrooms and 28,000 square feet. The bank foreclosed when Paul fled to the Caribbean in 2016 to avoid arrest.

The father established trust funds for Dan and Adam before his arrest. Paul’s tax and security offenses may have funded Dan’s lavish lifestyle.

Dan’s father is Armenian. Dan’s older brother Adam introduced him to poker.

Bilzerian finished 180th in the 2009 World Series of Poker. Next year, Bluff Magazine called him one of Twitter’s funniest poker players. After this, several poker players noticed him.

Paul Bilzerian self-made $40 million at 36.

Bilzerian is now known as the “Instagram King.” He’s a world-class poker player who’s made millions playing.

Dan Bilzerian’s Beginnings

Dan joined the Navy in 1999. After two weeks of “hell” due to a disagreement with a supervisor, Bilzerian was booted out of Navy SEAL training a few weeks before graduation in 2000.

The fight was reportedly caused by gun range safety violations. Following the Service, Dan studied criminology and business administration at UF.

Dan Bilzerian net worth hits $310 million in 2023:

  • 2013—Dan Bilzerian net wealth $50 million
  • 2014: Dan Bilzerian valued $100 million
  • 2015—Dan Bilzerian net wealth $120 million
  • 2016—Dan Bilzerian net wealth $150 million
  • 2017—Dan Bilzerian net wealth $170 million
  • 2018—Dan Bilzerian net wealth $180 million
  • 2019—Dan Bilzerian net wealth $200 million
  • 2020—Dan Bilzerian net wealth $250 million
  • 2021—Dan Bilzerian net wealth $280 million
  • 2022: Dan Bilzerian net wealth $300 million

Dan Bilzerian’s Wealth: How?

Dan Bilzerian received a significant trust fortune from his father. Dan Bilzerian has made a fortune as a professional poker player and in other businesses. Dan Bilzerian is a smart businessman.

Poker Career

Dan started playing poker full-time aged 29 in 2009. He placed 180th in the 2009 WSOP Main Event. This official poker tournament was his best. He won $36,000+.

Dan is currently a respected poker player. He earned tens of millions of dollars in private events, but his sanctioned tournament victories are limited.

Dan and eleven other celebrities had to repay Bradley Ruderman’s Ponzi scam in 2011. They were asked to repay it to help Ruderman’s victims.

Dan purportedly won a $12.8 million tournament. One player won $10.8 million in a heads-up, no-limit hold’em hand with $5,000–$10,000 stakes. After winning, he took a private jet to Mexico to celebrate.

Poker won him $50 million in 2014. He lost almost $3 million three times. “Funniest Poker Player on Twitter” and Victory Poker co-founder.


He appeared in “Extraction,” “The Other Woman,” “Lone Survivor,” “The Equalizer,” “Olympus Has Fallen,” “Cat Run 2,” and “War Dogs” in addition to his poker career.

Danbilzerian Wealth: Real Estate

Dan has spent the last decade in Bel Air, the Hollywood Hills, and Las Vegas. Dan files taxes as a Las Vegas resident. His five-bedroom Summerlin South property cost $4.1 million in 2014. He sold the mansion for $5.1 million in 2017 and spent $10 million on a new home nearby.

Dan rented a $50,000-per-month Bel Air house in 2018. The four-story home features 12 bedrooms.

His latest residence boasts a two-lane bowling alley, wine cellar, movie theater, sports area, and five bars.

Tampa Bilzerian Mansion

In the early 1990s, Dan’s father constructed a lakefront mansion on 3.4 acres and 28,000 square feet in Tampa. The property has 19 bathrooms, a cinema, four fireplaces, a wine room, a water slide, and a swimming pool waterfall.

House has 10 bedrooms. The “athletic wing” has basketball, racquetball, and a professional gym.

After arriving, Paul Bilzerian was arrested for securities fraud. After establishing that the supposed buyer was a family-controlled limited liability business, the bank seized the residence in 2004. (LLC).

The mansion is empty since 2008. After bankruptcy in 2016, it was abandoned. The January 2022 $5.133 million listing displayed Dan’s childhood belongings, including minor league pictures, in his room.

After three months, the home’s price was hiked to $6.6 million, yet it’s still for sale.


Bilzerian sued Lone Survivor’s founders for 8 minutes of screen time and 80 lines of speech after funding the firm $1 million. The court ordered the producers to pay Bilzerian his due. He spoke once in the film’s last minute.

He sued for $1.2 million—his debt plus 20% interest. Dan gained $1.5 million from his first investment after the film’s popularity and his attention to the issue led to its withdrawal.

Dan was banned from a Miami nightclub for assaulting model Vanessa Castano in August 2014. Dan said Vanessa and another woman assaulted his girlfriend. Castano sued Dan for $1 million for her injuries.

Dan fought pornographic actress Janice Griffith in court late that year. He allegedly shoved a model from a roof into a pool during the Hustler photo shoot. She missed the pool and crashed on the edge below, breaking her foot. Bilzerian denied her $85,000 injury claim.

Griffith then filed a court lawsuit against Hustler and Bilzerian.

Bilzerian was arrested at LAX for bomb-making. He was released the next day after the charges were dismissed. Dan pled no contest to “negligently neglecting to extinguish an open fire” in February 2015. Fined $17,000.

Dan Bilzerian Wealth: Private Jet

Dan’s 1987 Gulfstream G-IV private plane seats 22. Santa Monica-based GOAT Airlines LLC owns the jet. The plane’s identifier’s three letters DB may be Dan Bilzerian’s initials.

Dan’s private plane briefly appeared in 2016’s presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton frequently chartered Dan’s plane throughout the campaign.

Dan Bilzerian’s Cars

Dan’s fancy car collection, private jet, attractive ladies, and armory of weaponry are all on social media. Dan drives a Rolls Royce and a $1.5 million Mercedes AMG 6×6 G63 Brabus.

Dan Bilzerian’s Spending:

Dan Bilzerian, an Instagram star, has a contentious yet fascinating existence. DJ Steve Aoki and Floyd Mayweather hang out with the playboy and poker pro.

Luxury Architecture says professional poker player Dan Bilzerian’s Bel-Air mansion has a club-like vibe.

He also buys unusual creatures like his goats Beatrice and Zeus.

As stated, Bilzerian spends lavishly on cars and homes. His 31,000-square-foot LA property is worth $67.5 million.

His home’s interior is magnificent too. 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a home theater, a pool, a bowling alley, an indoor gym, and 70 parking places.

Bilzerian hosts large celebrity gatherings like Drake, Sommer Ray, Floyd Mayweather, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

He hosts opulent $3,500-entry parties at houses and villas across the world.

Dan Bilzerian’s Wealth

Dan Bilzerian’s greatest moments:

  • 2000-Navy Seal
  • 2009 WSOP Main Event
  • Bluff Magazine 2010
  • 2011.
  • 2014—Lone Survivor 2014—Hustler Magazine
  • 2015—Extraction
  • War Dogs (2016)
  • 2016.
  • 2017 Blitz Hollywood Stories


Instagram’s playboy lifestyle helped Dan Bilzerian become famous. He has 30 million Instagram followers. “King of Playboys” is his Instagram joke.

Ignite International Brands Ltd. sells CBD oil, e-cigarettes, vodka, and water bottles. Dan Bilzerian started a business after Instagram fame. Ignite is proud to be the first worldwide cannabis brand.

Dan Bilzerian has acknowledged to using marijuana before and during exercises, perhaps for its calming effects.

Dan’s hectic lifestyle caused three heart attacks before 32. YouTuber Joe Rogan interviewed Dan. They discussed Dan’s life and how he started playing poker.

Ignite lost $50 million in 2019 because to expensive marketing and lease costs, although Dan Bilzerian’s share is unknown.

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