Youth ambassadors ‘eyes and ears’ of Deer District during NBA playoff Game 5 2023

Wednesday night, the Deer District introduced some new employees. As a result of a collaboration between the Bucks and the Office of Violence Prevention, dozens of Milwaukee youth ambassadors were recruited to ensure that the fans had a fun and safe time.

For the first time ever during playoff season, the Bucks are paying over sixty ambassadors ages 17 to 24 to assist Fiserv Forum security in keeping the Deer District secure for everyone.

Ambassador Deja Branch, 23, helps run Wednesday night’s playoff game.

“We are ambassadors; that is why we are here!” Go, squad! Go Bucks!” Branch shouted. “It’s very motivating. This is my first time doing something of this nature, so I am honored and extremely appreciative for this opportunity.

They are responsible for assisting Bucks fans with inquiries and alerting Fiserv security if anything suspicious occurs in their section using a special phone assigned to each section. Zone 2 was where Deja and her crew were stationed.

Mariam Mackar was shown by Branch how they are trained to use these special phones in the event of an emergency in their location.

She explained, “We go to the group chats and [send a message] about the zone we’re in, indicating if it’s clear or if something is happening, and that will alert [security] that we need assistance over here.”

This phone contacts security and the superintendent of their group. For Deja, one of these supervisors is Sequanna Taylor, the Milwaukee County Supervisor for District 5.

Taylor remarked, “It’s fantastic that the Office of Violence Prevention and the Milwaukee Bucks can collaborate on something like this for the youth and demonstrate to the city that there are caring youth.”

The program administrator at the Office of Violence Prevention, Quinn Taylor, concurs.

“Working with the youth to provide these types of opportunities has been an absolute pleasure,” he said.

And according to Deja, the youth involved have had just as much joy.

“It’s truly remarkable. I collaborate with remarkable individuals. We joke, do things together, and support one another; we are a team!”

She is promoting future participation from others.

“If I can do it, then so can you. It’s a wonderful experience; don’t give up on your dreams and don’t be afraid to attempt something new. Take that enormous act of faith and simply have faith in yourself.”

The Office of Violence Prevention intends to increase the number of juvenile ambassador positions at other busy citywide events. They hope to engage as many young people as feasible.

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