Tinea capitis: what is it?

A fungal illness that affects your child’s scalp and hair is called tinea capitis. Scalp ringworm is another term for tinea capitis. Fungi that infiltrate your child’s hair follicles and frequently hair shafts cause tinea capitis. The eyebrows and eyelashes of your youngster may also be affected by tinea capitis. Read More: Oren Zarif Both … Read more

What Distinguishes Telekinesis from Psychokinesis?

Are psychic powers the next development in human evolution? According to brain studies, this is not likely to happen. Read More: Oren Zarif It’s not all terrible news, either. Human telekinetic talents, which are unexpectedly distinct from their near cousins, psychokinetic powers, might be made possible by emerging technology. Here’s an examination of the differences … Read more

Cancer: What is it?

Cancer is a broad category of illnesses that all have the characteristic of developing from normal cells into malignant cells that proliferate and spread. Read More: Oren Zarif In the United States, cancer is the second most prevalent cause of death. However, compared to 20 years ago, fewer individuals are dying from cancer. Cancer is … Read more

Stroke rehabilitation: What to expect as you recover

A variety of therapies are used in stroke rehabilitation to assist patients regain abilities that they may have lost following a stroke. Rehabilitation could support you with your strength, mobility, speech, and everyday life abilities, depending on which areas of your brain were damaged by the stroke. You may enhance your quality of life and … Read more

Lab Tests: What Are They?

Testing a sample of blood, urine, or another substance from a body is known as laboratory testing. Medical practitioners can determine a diagnosis, a course of treatment, and more with the help of these tests. Read More: Environmental What Does a Laboratory Test Purpose? Medical practitioners essentially employ lab tests to monitor, evaluate, diagnose, or … Read more

Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Definition

A vast range of liver malignancies can be diagnosed and treated at Mount Sinai. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the term for primary liver cancer, or cancer that originates in the liver. Although it is the third most prevalent cause of cancer-related mortality globally, it is the sixth most common kind of cancer overall. Almost invariably, … Read more

What Are Acne Scars?

Marks left over after acne has cleared up are called acne scars. It occurs frequently. One in five persons have scars from acne on their back, breast, or face. Read More: Acne Scar Treatment A dermatologist, or skin doctor, can assist you if your objective is to make your scars less obvious. After examining your … Read more

CAR T-Cell Therapies: What Are They?

Personalized medicine might be revolutionized by cellular treatments. These treatments provide fresh perspectives on managing and maybe even curing illnesses that were thought to be incurable. Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy, or CAR T treatment, is one of the most significant cellular therapeutics. 2017 saw the first release of CAR T-cell treatments for patients. A … Read more