Jill Biden Net Worth – 2022

Jill Biden Net Worth

Net Worth $9 Million
Height Hammonton, New Jersey, U.S.
Gender Jun 3, 1951 (71 years old)
Date of Birth $100 Thousand

Jill Biden Net Worth:

$9 Million

Jill Biden’s Salary

$100 Thousand

What is the net worth and salary of Jill Biden?

American schoolteacher Jill Biden has a net worth of $9 million. She is best known as the wife of former President Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, became the first lady of the United States in 2021. From 2009 until 2017, she served as the second lady of the United States. Biden has also had a distinguished career as a teacher at high schools, psychiatric facilities, and community colleges.She is a professor at Northern Virginia Community College. According to federal income reports, her annual teaching remuneration is normally approximately $100,000.

Early Years

Jill Biden was born as Jill Jacobs in Hammonton, New Jersey on June 3, 1951 to Bonny, a housewife, and Donald, a bank teller and US Navy veteran. As a kid, she resided in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, with her family before moving to Mahwah, New Jersey, where her father was the chairman of a savings and loan organization. The family then relocated to Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, where Biden and her four younger sisters were nurtured. She attended Upper Moreland High School and worked in Ocean City, New Jersey, as a waiter.

Profession in Education

After graduating from high school in 1969, Biden attended for a semester at Brandywine Junior College. She subsequently moved to the University of Delaware to study in English. After a year of modeling for a local agency, Biden went to college and got her Bachelor of Arts in 1975. The next year, she taught English at St. Mark’s High School. Biden continued to teach while pursuing a master’s in education at West Chester State College. She went on to instruct handicapped pupils and adolescents in a Rockford Center psychiatric hospital program. Biden got a second graduate degree from Villanova University in 1987. Continuing her career in teaching, she taught at Brandywine High School and Claymont High School, among others. Biden taught at Delaware Technical & Community College from 1993 through 2008. She returned to school during this time to get a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Delaware.

The United States’ second lady

Biden became the second lady of the United States in 2009 when her husband was elected vice president by Barack Obama. During this period, she served as an adjunct lecturer and, later, an associate professor at the Northern Virginia Community College campus in Alexandria. As second lady, Biden collaborated with first lady Michelle Obama to develop the Joining Forces program, which brought attention to the needs of military families in the United States. Biden continued to teach at NOVA throughout her second stint as second lady, and once her husband left office, she became a full-time professor.

First Lady of the United States of America

Biden became the nation’s new first lady in 2021, following the election of her husband as president. Prior to the election, she actively participated in her husband’s campaign, even making appearances without him. In addition, she had a crucial role in the selection process for vice president, which ultimately went to Senator Kamala Harris.

As first lady, Biden has continued to instruct at NOVA, initially through Zoom and subsequently in person once COVID-19 limitations were lifted. She is the first spouse of a serving US president to hold a job outside the White House. Biden also resurrected the dormant Joining Forces initiative she and Michelle Obama had started.

Personal Life

Biden married her first husband, Bill Stevenson, in 1970. A former college football player, he built the Stone Balloon, one of the most successful college bars in the country, in Newark, Delaware. The couple separated in 1975 after drifting apart about 1974. Subsequently, Biden met Senator Joe Biden on a blind date arranged by Frank Biden. She exclaimed to her mother, “Finally, I’ve found a gentleman,” after being charmed by his gentlemanly demeanor and appearance. The couple wed in 1977 at the United Nations Chapel in New York City and spent their honeymoon on Lake Balaton in Hungary.

Together with her husband, Biden raised her stepsons Beau and Hunter, whose mother and sister had perished in a car accident some years before. In 1981, the Bidens also welcomed a daughter called Ashley. Tragically, Beau died of cancer in 2015; this prompted Biden to lose her faith for several years, but she regained it in 2019 while campaigning. Before becoming President and Vice President, the Bidens acquired a vacation property in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for $2.7 million, where they intended to welcome their extended family.

Writing Work

As an author, Biden based her children’s book “Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops” on the military deployment of her stepson Beau. Later, she published “Where the Light Enters: Building a Family, Discovering Myself,” a memoir. Biden published a second children’s book in 2020 titled “Joey: The Story of Joe Biden.”


In 2017, Biden and her husband, who are heavily active in charitable initiatives, launched the Biden Foundation. The objective of the group is to prevent violence against women. In the same year, Biden was appointed board chair of the nonprofit Save the Children. Biden is the president of the Biden Breast Health Initiative, a non-profit organization that provides free educational breast health awareness workshops to groups around Delaware. She is also engaged in the military family support organization Delaware Boots on the Ground and co-founded Book Buddies, which provides books to low-income children.

Book Deal

After departing the White House in 2016, Joe and Jill Biden inked a combined book contract for three volumes worth $10 million.

Real Estate

The Bidens’ principal residence is located in the Greenville section of Wilmington, Delaware. The property overlooks an artificial lake that was constructed by affluent du Pont family members. Joe and Jill paid $350,000 for their home in 1997. Recently, comparable properties in the region have sold for somewhat more than $2 million. Joe and Jill purchased a six-bedroom vacation property in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, for $2.74 million in 2017. In 2018 and 2019, the couple paid $20,000 a month to rent a $4 million house in McLean, Virginia.

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