Andrew W.K. Net Worth – 2023

Andrew W.K.

Net Worth $4 Million
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.9 m)
Profession Singer, Record producer, Musician, Actor, Motivational speaker, Singer-songwriter
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 9, 1979 (43 years old)
Nationality United States of America

Andrew W.K. Net Worth:

$4 Million

What’s Andrew W.K.’s Net Worth?

Andrew W.K. is an American singer, musician, and motivational speaker. He has a net worth of $4 million. Andrew W.K. made most of his money from his music career, but he also has a second career as a motivational speaker and TV host that he just started.

He was born in Stanford, California, on May 9, 1979, to a woman named Andrew Wilkes-Krier. He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to law professor James E. Krier and Wendy Wilkes. Andrew WK began taking piano lessons at the University of Michigan School of Music when he was four years old. His family’s trips to Mass at midnight with him had a big effect on how much he loved music. Andrew went to Greenhills Preparatory School and then Community High School, where he studied keyboard and piano. He graduated from Community High School in 1997.

Career in Music

Andrew WK joined the band Slam when he was 14 years old. The band’s name was later changed to Reverse Polarity. W.K.’s first official recording was a song called “Mr. Surprise,” which was put on a compilation album called “Plant the Flower Seeds.” In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he was in a few heavy metal and punk rock bands in Detroit. He moved to New York City in 1998 and worked as a salesman for bubblegum machines, a window dresser at a department store, a waiter, a fashion photographer, and other jobs to pay the rent. He started recording solo music under his full name, Andrew Wilkes-Krier, and put out a single called “Room to Breathe” on cassette.

At the same time, he also recorded the music for an independent movie called Poltergeist. He moved to Seffner, Florida, and started putting together his band with Donald D.T. Tardy, a death metal drummer.

In March 2000, Wilkes-Krier put out his first EP, Girls Own Juice. This was his first album as Andrew W.K., the name we all know him by now. His music had elements of hard rock and was also experimental. W.K. got some attention from the release, and he kept doing solo shows on the East Coast. His manager, Matt Sweeney, sent out demo tapes of Andrew W.K., and one of them got to Dave Grohl. Grohl liked what he heard, so he told Andrew W.K. that he could open for the Foo Fighters at a show in San Francisco. Lewis Largent, who works for The Island Def Jam Music Group, also got a demo tape. This made Largent go to an Andrew W.K. show at the Mercury Lounge, and the show blew him away. In October 2000, Andrew W.K. put out another EP called “Party Til You Puke.” After that, he signed with Island Records.

I Get Wet was WK’s first album, which came out in 2001. The album had the hit single “Party Hard,” for which he is still best known. It also had a very controversial album cover, which showed the singer with wet hair and a thick stream of blood running from his nose down his face, which some critics saw as an endorsement of cocaine use. Some stories say that the young rocker got the look by smashing his own face with a brick before the picture was taken.

Since I Get Wet made him famous, WK has struggled to make another album as popular as his first. As of this writing, he has put out six more albums. He has also worked in other fields and made a live concert film called Who Knows? In October 2020, he signed with Napalam Records. The first single from that album, “Babalon,” came out in February 2021. “God is Partying” was his sixth album. It came out in September 2021. “I’m in Heaven” and “Stay True to Your Heart” were the big hits. Andrew W.K. has produced and mixed music for several well-known artists, like Lee Scratch Perry, as well as many of his own songs and albums. He even wrote and mixed a new Kit Kat bar jingle. In the spring of 2008, Andrew and three of his business partners opened a new nightclub and live concert hall called Santos Party House in downtown Manhattan. It was made for disco and dance music in particular. The city gave the venue a cabaret license, which meant that people could legally dance and party until 4 a.m. The place got a lot of good reviews and awards, such as the People’s Choice Award for Best Night Club. The Santos Party House was named the best dance club in all of New York City by the Zagat guide. Every party has to end, though, and the last one at Santos Party House was on May 29, 2016.

Other Ventures

WK started his surprisingly long-lasting career as a motivational speaker in 2005. He accepted invitations to speak at colleges like Yale University, New York University, The University of Wisconsin, Carnegie Mellon University, The Cooper Union, Missouri Western State University, and Northeastern University.

In addition to speaking, he wrote a monthly column for the UK magazine FRONT Magazine and a monthly advice column for the Japanese magazine “Rockin’ On.” From 2002 to 2012, his advice column was published. All of the advice columns that W.K. had written were put together in a book called “I Will Change Your Life.” W.K. also wrote a column called “Ask Andrew W.K.” for The Village Voice and another column called “Ask Andrew W.K.” for Vice media. In 2014, he wrote a book called “The Party Bible.”

Personal Life

Andrew W.K. has two kids, but the media and public don’t know about them. On October 4, 2008, he got married to Cherie Lily at Santos Party House. W.K. said he and Cherie had started the divorce process in 2019. In May 2021, he said that he was seeing the actress Kat Dennings. In the beginning of 2021, they met in Los Angeles. In May of 2021, they posted on Instagram to say that they were getting married.

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