Another TCG-only item is being given away as a Twitch Drop by World of Warcraft 2023

Many gamers are pleased that World of Warcraft is introducing new opportunities to acquire these special goods. As the WoW TCG has been discontinued for more than ten years, even the cheapest loot cards have inflated prices that will continue to grow over time. Most feel it would be a waste to make these goods unobtainable in order to maintain their rarity.

World of Warcraft Twitch Drops Another TCG Exclusive

This is not the first time that World of Warcraft has distributed TCG-exclusive cards as a Twitch Drop. To commemorate the debut of Dragonflight, the company just made the Perpetual Purple Fireworks, Goblin Weather Machine, and Dragon Kite pets available on Twitch. It also provided the Feldrake mount for free to all World of Warcraft players, a rare mount formerly valued at $3000. It appears that World of Warcraft is beginning to provide these TCG treasure items to all players.

Obviously, some players who already possess these things are dissatisfied with their distribution as Twitch Drops. Some gamers, particularly those who purchased cards at inflated pricing, feel duped because the benefits are being provided for free. Sadly for these gamers, World of Warcraft will very definitely have further Twitch Drops with TCG-exclusive items in the future.

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