Hong Kong Airlines Starts Airbus A320 Flights To Fukuoka, Japan 2023

Hong Kong Airlines has begun service between Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and Fukuoka Airport in Japan (FUK). The airline held a celebration at HKG upon the departure of the inaugural flight and another at FUK upon its arrival. The route has been established to accommodate the numerous passengers who travel between the two cities by various means. Hong Kong Airlines anticipates that demand for this route will remain robust as it seeks to expand its operations in the wake of the pandemic.

Inaugural ceremony

Executives from the airline and airport attended the celebration at HKG earlier today, when the airline launched the first of many direct flights to FUK. As a token of appreciation, the airline provided souvenir tote bags to its passengers. As the aircraft taxied to its gate after landing at FUK, a water canon salute was fired in its direction.

Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka Airport, and Kyushu Tourism Organization representatives greeted passengers upon deplaning. In addition, they welcomed airline representatives who were on board the inaugural flight. The new route has been well-received by all stakeholders because it will provide an essential additional connection between FUK and HKG, thereby enhancing connectivity between the two cities and providing passengers with a more expedient travel option.

Increasing operations

In recent months, Hong Kong Airlines has worked to recover from the pandemic decline. Its main base at HKG was impacted by travel restrictions for a considerable amount of time, but now that travel restrictions are easing, the airline can finally expand its operations. The new route from Hong Kong to Fukuoka is anticipated to be in high demand, as it not only connects two cities but also serves as a gateway to Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost main island.

The airline intends to operate four weekly flights on this route using an Airbus A320. It will be flown on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of each week. If demand for the route remains robust throughout the summer, it is probable that the airline will increase flight frequency.

As air travel expands, Hong Kong Airlines will fly directly to Fukuoka four times a week.

With this new route, the airline will serve five Japanese destinations. These include Okinawa, Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Sapporo. As demand continues to rise, some of these destinations are scheduled to receive an increase in weekly frequency this summer. Next month, it will commence operating twice-daily flights to Okinawa, as opposed to the current once-daily schedule. In June, it will also begin offering three daily flights to Tokyo, as opposed to two.

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