Good vacations: 10 fantastic French vacation spots

Cap Corse, Corsica This 25-mile long peninsula, which stretches from the northern coast of Corsica, is one of the most untamed areas of the island. On the east are gorgeous beaches, meandering hiking paths, and little ports; on the west are clifftop settlements. While fishing communities like Centuri still send out boats every day to … Read more

Simple yet Rich French Onion Soup

this family and friends have been enjoying French onion soup at restaurants for years, but none of them can match the flavor and ease of preparation of this recipe. Nothing is more comfortable than a warm cup of recently prepared French onion soup. You can prepare restaurant-quality French onion soup in your own home with … Read more

7 Frequent Errors In French Drains And How To Prevent Them

The water is then redirected from the house through an outside deplete or sump pump by the drain. A French discharge operates on the same principle whether it is installed in the basement or the garden. A drainage ditch is first dug that slopes in the direction you want the water to flow. Generally speaking, … Read more